Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The pack up and the smack down

My house is in boxes. Not exactly the greatest setting to try and concentrate to write a sermon. Especially my first sermon in Waldron. Today I've put a lot of effort into sermon writing. I've put together a few loose thoughts on the lectionary readings for June 19. Matt. 10: 24-39 and Romans 6: 1-11. IT's between those two, I know it. Anyway, after I struggled to find something coherant and inspired, I read thru some of the commentaries, etc. on The Text this Week : a helpful tool. Of course, then I read a sermon that was completely perfect, and it made my ambling thoughts seem all the more pitifully uninspired. Braxton's speech was streamlined, convincing, articulate, and hooking. It was constructed around one theme, while my roundabout way of getting to the point usually creates several points--something I think may be good for certain circumstances, but not for my first Sunday in a new congregation where I don't want to be perceived as a windbag. All my preaching profs lauded the great skill of conciseness. I'm not trying to give the church my entire seminary education in one sermon, but to tell you the truth, I don't know what to write about this text right now, and I need something on paper! Comparing the two sermon ideas was like comparing a Corvette to a boxcar.
So my idea was, to put this little frustration on the shelf and let it cool for a while. Welcome to my shelf. Getting it out of my mind and onto the magic superhighway of the cyberworld, I thought maybe the worry would take the wrong exit and wind up far away from here. Also, oddly enough I don't feel much pressure to have anything really coherant on the blog, and the process of writing I thought might spark something. If it did, it has yet to light up in front of my face. Perhaps I'm just too tired. IF you have any suggestions or inspirations about bringing not peace but the sword, or the Romans text, give me a shout.

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