Friday, September 18, 2009

Moltmann conversation conversation

Here is the conversation I had with the 5 others from Oklahoma regarding our experience at the Moltmann conversation. Also--Blake Huggins (riding shotgun in the minivan) chewed on things when he got home on his own blog.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Moltmann made me excited to be a Trinitarian

When I was in seminary, I read Spirit of Life in Philip Clayton's Pneumatology class. An excerpt from this book really gave me an image of the Trinity that I took along with me:

Where the Word of God is, there is also the Breath of God in which it is uttered. Where God's breath calls created being into life, there is also the Word whcih calls them by their names. 293

After this, Moltmann shows why the Filioque must be abandoned in Trinitarian formulation. I've carried this understanding of the Trinity into the churches I've served and have always found that it resonates with the people and gives them a Scriptural basis for the Trinity in the Creation Story.
I thought of this today because Moltmann said, "We don't believe in the Trinity, we live in the Trinity." I appreciate this and Moltmann's general adoption of the Eastern Orthodox understanding of participation in the Trinity (drawn into the parichoresis of the Trinity as if in a dance. (Part 2 of Spirit Life, called "Life in the Spirit" elaborates on this theme and includes Moltmann engaging Wesley) I see Wesley's theology of sanctification hitting on the same things.

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