Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sitting at a slow computer at Creation Care Conference

AT Mt Sequoyah, and thought I'd give those interested a little update as to what is happening here. IF you know me, (or perhaps you've just picked this up from the blog), you know that I'm an eco-geeko, and that I'm frequently found at conferences on what Christians can do to be better stewards of the environment. I've found this conference particularly good, and was very pleased at the massive turnout. There were about 130 people here (even with the snow!) from many walks of life. If you've ever been to an "eco-theo" summit, you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that there isn't any racial diversity here, but thanks to Oklahoma City University, there is some age diversity at least. (I'm used to being one of the young whipper snappers at this kind of thing: I'm not complaining, perhaps its just the nature of a Church conference, and the general inability of working adults to be at this kind of thing, but I'd say the age breakdown is about 60% over 65, 15% 40-65, and 25% under 40. Hmmmm. I just realized that my last post was about statistics too: that's another one of my geek things.
I'm leading worship tomorrow, and am very disappointed that it is bitterly cold in Fayetteville and we won't be worshipping out doors.
I went to several workshops today, and was inspired by Mark Davies keynote address. He spoke about his inspiration to co-found "oikos." John Hill of the GBCS gave a good workshop on political advocacy, and Katie from Georgia Interfaith power and light was inspiring too (inspiring enough to remember her last name? I know, I'm tired).

So, I'm glad to be here. Great connections are being made, and folks feel motivated and informed.

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  1. I just wanted to wish you good luck as you go before the boards in a few weeks. We met at a young adult clergy event in Nashville. We were working on our questions for the BOM around the same time. Happy to announce that I passed on Friday.