Sunday, April 22, 2007

City of Dated Angels

Tonight Lara and I finished watching City of Angels. We kept noticing things that dated the movie. (i.e. "Oh my God, look at Meg Ryan's glasses!" "Look at that Pepsi can!" Sarah McGlaughlin and Alanis Morrisette?!) Then it hit us--the movie has been out since we started dating. A movie that came out when Lara and I started dating (10 years ago) is now dated to our eyes. The laughter died down in the Mattox den.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

World's Finest Sabbath Nooma Boombox Canon

Just a random assortment of things:
Today, Lara and Wesley and I started a new thing in the Mattox household--an official Sabbath. We only did things that were non-work related (okay, we did clean up the house a little bit.) We started off the day by going to get some breakfast at the "Little Cattleman's" restaurant here in town. This is a restaurant that has "Support the troops" painted in the windows and has all the hashbrowns a cattleman such as myself can manage. Whilst paying the bill, I noticed that they were selling the "World's Finest" chocolate bars that i used to sell back when I played little league in Fayetteville. The chocolate bars (offered in chocolate almond, caramel (oozy, not gooey), and crunch, would come in a box that would convert into a little carrying case that I would lug around my neighborhood (Sequoyah Woods) and sell for a dollar (or was it two). Anyway, I noticed that they have changed the format of their bar. Now it is a longer and thinner bar (like a Wonka bar). When I used to hawk them, it was wider and shorter. I didn't buy one, but now am planning on going back this week and picking up one. The whole circumstance reminded me of bringing the bars to school to sell and being on the schoolbus eating them. I have a distinct memory of peeling one open while being enchanted by the boombox of this cool six grade girl. The boombox had a 3 inch black and white t.v. screen, and she always used to bring it on the bus and play Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer." That is the most lucid memory of elementary school bus rides that I have, and it is a good one!

Also of note, and completely unrelated, I realized that I've never shared on this blog my newfound admiration for Rob Bell and all he offers the world of Christianity. We use the nooma series in the Sunday school class I teach, as well as for young adult gatherings. I also just finished his "Velvet Elvis" audiobook, and it is full of gold. If you're looking for something fresh, approachable, genuine, and entertaining, I'd recommend either or both of these. The nooma series videos are 10-15 minute meditations on a given theme that are really provocative and beautiful. They give me chill bumps every time. (Especially Dust). On the "Young adult, emergent tip" I am also looking forward to attending the "Gathering" with Tim Keel (of Jacob's Well) and Doug Pagitt (of Solomon's Porch) on Mt. Sequoyah. I think it will be great. I've already shard beers with Doug at the Jan. gathering in Atlanta, but I've never met Tim and am impressed with what I've seen of Jacob's Well. I remember reading about it in Christian Century a year ago or so and feeling proud of what was happening in the church.

Last but not least, we have recently bought a new Canon Powershot A550. We like it. I've been reading the manual today (a good Sabbath activity, no?) and haven't taken any informed shots yet, but here's one that I like. (Weley's a little bugged by the orange light that comes on before the flash)

And here's a picture of heaven.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Horseradish Root

Anyone know if it should be boiled or not before grating for the maror for a Seder meal? We're having one on Maundy Thurs. Good Friday we'll have a Tenebre service, I'm practicing banging my Vietnamese gong for the moment after the last words of Christ are read. At least, that's what I did last year. I got a d'jimbe for Christmas, would a little roll on that be more evocative? Comment and vote! Saturday our church is having an easter Eve service with a new Paschal Candle lighted on a bonfire in the parking lot and everything. We'll process into the sanctuary while singing "Chirst Whose Glory Fills the skies." Right out of the Book of Worship, or as I call it, the BOW. Then, after we've brought all the brass and empty cross into the sanctuary, we have a community service that features women singing songs, reading poetry, and giving dramatic performances of the resurrection narrative. (To sort of symbolize the idea that the women disciples kept the lamp burning during the crisis moment in Christian history.

Holy Week gone awry

Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm a C+ Catholic!

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