Friday, March 28, 2008

Scanning party.

I did about 2 hours of work with an hp customer service chat room person (whom at one point I just had to ask "are you a real person," because she kept repeating phrases like "no need to worry," and "I'm glad to be of assistance, let us now try removing the Universal Serial Bus Driver." When I asked "Danielle" point blank if she were a "real person," she merely said, "I am Danielle." I felt like I was talking to HAL.

So, after a while of stilted conversation with "Danielle," we finally got my printer, scanner, copier working. It was good Easter season work, brining my printer back to life. Afterward, we had a scanning party, and I decided to scan some of my art that I have over here at the house. I did this one at an "emerging worship" service with the General Board of Discipleship. I'm unhappy with how the scanner shot right through the areas of thin paint to the canvas, but oh well. We were supposed to paint "hope," and I decided to combine imagery from the burning bush and the nativity. Also, the flames/light is encroaching into the darkness.

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