Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Dilemma Resolved

I went to speak with the family, mentioned in the previous post, early this past week and discussed with them the meaning of baptism. I also told them about the celebration of a new birth service in our Book of Worship. By the way, reading the book of worship's intro to Baptism, I found that "naming ceremonies" are supposedly common in Native American settings, so that certainly applies to my context. The family decided that they didn't have to make a decision for Easter and called at the end of the week to let me know they were interested in doing something on another day during Easter season. They are going to continue to discuss what it is that they will do. So, that issue was blessedly resolved.

As for the baptism today, it went beautifully. My son gave some creative commentary while I was pouring the water into the font as I was beginning the thanksgiving over the water.

"Is he pee-peeing?!" It sure sounded like it, I have to give him that. People laughed, and the family baptizing their baby was genuinely amused as well. I tried to not laugh. Wes is going through potty training right now, so I guess that is on his mind quite a bit. I've attached photos of his Easter duds and a couple from his birthday bloodbath. (He slipped on our tile floor and busted his chin wide open. 3 years hath 7 stitches!

Oh yeah, it's not exactly an afterthought, but mi esposa esta embarazada! Looks like the new Mattox could be a Halloweener!

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  1. I have stitches in the same place - only it was 7 years hath 3 stitches.

    Y'all look so lovely! Juliette made a mess of her Easter dress before I could take any pictures.

    And felicidades!!