Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Horseradish Root

Anyone know if it should be boiled or not before grating for the maror for a Seder meal? We're having one on Maundy Thurs. Good Friday we'll have a Tenebre service, I'm practicing banging my Vietnamese gong for the moment after the last words of Christ are read. At least, that's what I did last year. I got a d'jimbe for Christmas, would a little roll on that be more evocative? Comment and vote! Saturday our church is having an easter Eve service with a new Paschal Candle lighted on a bonfire in the parking lot and everything. We'll process into the sanctuary while singing "Chirst Whose Glory Fills the skies." Right out of the Book of Worship, or as I call it, the BOW. Then, after we've brought all the brass and empty cross into the sanctuary, we have a community service that features women singing songs, reading poetry, and giving dramatic performances of the resurrection narrative. (To sort of symbolize the idea that the women disciples kept the lamp burning during the crisis moment in Christian history.


  1. i vote for the gong.. a good gong hit is powerful

  2. Yeah, a gong can knock somebody right off the variety show!

    ...but seriously, sounds like what you're planning will be really meaningful.