Thursday, January 25, 2007

Under a Spell

I've been recording Six Feet Under on my DVR lately. After a few years of friends suggesting that "you'd really love this show," I finally have the impetus to watch--and boy am I glad. Tonight I just finished watching what I think is the first episode of season 3, where Nate has multiple visions of possible lives while under aneaesthesia. I thought his (what I assume is the first) vision, being married to what's her name--Lisa? Enamored with fatherhood, was beautiful and reminicent of life on this homefront. There were also plenty of quirky little Los Angeles things that I thought were fun, like Lisa's annoyingly self-absorbed boss "in the business." I would just say, I think every person in the ministry should watch this metaphysical comedy drama mystical treatise on life and death and the hereafter. Good schtufff.
On the subject, I rode with the local funeral home director on a 20 minute drive out to the country cemetary where we buried Jerry today. As we pulled in to the cemetary, after a long conversation about the culture of grief in Oklahoma (which perhaps I'll blog on another day) I finally worked up the nerve to ask him if he was a six feet under fan. He laughed and said he loved it, and that he got that question from families all the time. His kids bought him the collectors edition for Christmas, and he would stay up late at night and plop in a DVD after his wife went to bed. we laughed b/c we both have the same watching pattern (his wife doesn't appreciate some of the more "left coast" morality of the program, mine just doesn't have the time to get hooked into another t.v. program--although she's watched a couple, and I can tell she's weakening in that conviction. He offered to let me borrow his box set, because he's on season 5, and I think I've missed several episodes of 1 and 2. How cool is that--borrowing 6 feet under from the local funeral home director? Ha! That's small town for you!

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  1. That's great! Now I don't have to get you the box set for your birthday!!