Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you God, for stealing my precious gold ring from the pirates and giving it to me.

That was my prayer, five minutes ago, at the behest of Wesley.  
We were washing his hands, and I explained that you always had to wash your hands after going to the bathroom.  It is one of the rules.  
"And Dod made the rules?"
"Yes, God made the rules about cleanliness so that we wouldn't get sick."  
That seemed to be an acceptable reason to wash hands.
"Why can your ring get wet?"  
"Becasue it's made of gold, and gold doesn't rust." 
"Oh, that's why pirates like gold."  
"They sure do, don't they? It's a precious metel that everyone wants."
"Dod must have stoled your ring from the pirates and given it to you.  That's nice.  You should pray to Dod and tell Dod thank you."  

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  1. I hope you collect all of these posts and write a great book one day!
    Love, love it!
    Dod, thank you.