Monday, December 15, 2008

Like a Wild Ass at Home in the Wilderness

That's the working title for a book chapter I am working on.  I'm writing about fidelity in the age of a hypersexualized, consumer driven culture.  The title of the chapter a reference to Jeremiah 2: 24, where Israel is described as a donkey in heat, sniffing the air with unrestrained lust.  I'll perhaps turn to a discussion on sexual fidelity being a celebration of relationship, vs. sexual “freedom” being the enslavement to the animal appetite.  I've been reading Rob Bell's Sex God, CS Lewis's chapter on marriage and sex in Mere Christianity, and a I've read this review of Raymond Ortland's Whoredom: God's Unfaithful Wife in Biblical Theology.   Looks good.  Anyway, that's why you have had no posts.  Does that topic sound interesting to you?  I begin with Jesus' passage to "pluck" (that word is so graphic--I always visualize a fork popping an eye right out of the socket with this noise as my mental soundtrack.) out the eyeball if it causes you lust after another.  By the way, as I was trying to find a link with that sound, I stumbled upon this.  Kinda cool.  I've used it before to get the sounds of pigs feeding for a prodigal son experiential worship setting for the Muskogee district confirmation for a couple of years now.  Well.  Back to the grindstone.  


  1. Oh my gosh, that is seriously the best title imaginable. I'm done with my chapter, but I can't think of a title. And now I have title envy.

    Your article sounds fantastic, and I'm so glad you're part of the book.

  2. I'm glad I am too--and thanks. For better or worse, I usually think of a title and very skeletal outline before I have any meat. Right now I wish I had a more fleshed out chapter tho (like you), so don't envy too much!