Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lay your hands on me.

My ordination was this past Wednesday at Boston Ave. UMC. I was ordained with about 15 other new and old friends. Bishop Hayes preached from 1st Timothy about how ministry isn't making a living, it is a way of life. Good sermon--you can watch the whole thing--including my ordination-- here. My dad and Jennifer Long were the two who I selected to lay hands on me, and they were joined by my DS, Linda Harker, and other BOM members who've helped me along the way. Judy Benson, the conference lay leader, held a Bible out in front of me as I was kneeling--it was open to Ezekiel 31 and 32--the song of the Cedar of Lebenon and the lament over the pharoah. When I saw this open Bible out in front of me as the Bishop was pronouncing the ordination, I forgot that she was doing it so that I could put my hand on it, and instead started looking through the chapters to see if I was meant to see something in particular. Woops. Oh well, I trust I'm ordained anyway. As for the Cedar of Lebenon, it is a beautiful piece of poetry, and it reminds me to take a dose of humility along with all the praise and congratulations coming my way.

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  1. If I ever make it to actual ordination I will remember your story and just lay my hand on the Bible. Congratulations.