Monday, October 15, 2007

Commercials I pause and then call Lara in to watch

((((((Push pause on the blue radio to the side if you don't want two soundtracks going on.))))))
I have a DVR, so a commercial has to be fairly gripping in the first few nanoseconds for me to watch and enjoy. otherwise, it is skipped, and never besmirches my mental space. (ON a side note, one downside to a DVR is that I have no idea if a great looking movie is coming out--I didn't know the knew Wes Anderson movie was released until reading a magazine article about it.) So, as an infrequent consumer of commercials, here are a few that caught my eye.

(I think the face flinch at the start really gets this one rolling. Hillarious!

(Even though Merriman and S. Jackson have been disappointments this year in the fantasy football realm, this one cool. I like the braveheart music and the epic struggle of the gridiron. Is it cheesy that I get chills when Jackson stretches the ball toward the goal line?)

(Ha ha! I think this one could have theological translations! I love how everyone is running with their arms strait down, that looks really funny, and i also like how our "Wendy" wakes up right in the nick of time and then begins evangelizing the other running toward the hole. They remind me of a motly band of disciples. The drastic imagery for doing something as mundane as eating a warmed over burger is clever. They also have similar ones where "Wendy" is in a forest with a crowd of people kicking trees. That's funny stuff.

This one's cool, and real as far as I can tell. There's a little thing at the bottom that says "closed circuit course with professional drivers, do not attempt."

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