Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My question to Dr. John Cobb about Process theology and assurance, brought on by Mother Theresa's inner void.

I sent in the following question to Process and Faith's monthly "Ask Dr. Cobb." It made it for the Sept. 2007 featured question. I believe I bit off more than I could chew. Cobb's answer made my ears ring I was concentrating so hard.

I just finished reading the Time cover article about Mother Theresa's letters to her confessors that are shedding some light on the inner darkness that she experienced for the duration of her ministry. Does Process Theology offer anything to explain why the most beloved person of faith of the 20th century felt such a deep and painful yearning for a sense of connection with the divine? The same question would apply to Jesus' heartwrenching "Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthanai. Does Process Theology posit a "blessed assurance" when we are following the Divine Aim?

Here's what he said

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  1. As usual, Cobb gives a thoughtful and reflective response! When he was a teacher of mine, my head stayed in a state of confusion - but a good confusion. I appreciate Cobb's (Whitehead's) turn to humankind's desire for wholeness and rightness as a compelling motivation for action in the world. I think that he is right that too many of us expect to be joyful and in emotional unity with the Divine in unrealistic ways. Perhaps compelling motivation is the best that many of us will experience most of the time. And, really, is that so bad? Thanks for your question. It's timely and timeless.